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Jacqueline Shellis Harris, Ed.D

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Higher Education Administration

Coordinator of Academic Nursing Program at Texas Woman's University

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you” – B. B. King.

Jacqueline Shellis Harris was raised in a small rural town called Drew, which is part of the Mississippi Delta. The Mississippi Delta is comprised of a group of small towns and portions of Arkansas and Louisiana that are divided by the Mississippi and Yazoo Rivers. The town of Drew, like many small Mississippi towns included in the Mississippi Delta, contains unique racial, cultural, and economic history. Jacqueline spent 18 years there before leaving to attend Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi and obtain my bachelor’s degree. She attended the University of Southern Mississippi and obtain my masters and doctoral degree in Higher Education Administration, in addition to pursing a certificate in instructional technology. Currently Dr. Harris now works as a coordinator in the academic nursing program at Texas Woman's University in Dallas, Texas. Her future goals consists of being a student success coordinator or a Dean of a community college where she intends on assisting students, faculty, and university offices on matters relating to higher education.

IG: mzjacjac91

LinkedIn: Jacqueline Shellis Harris

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