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Devin Morris

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

MD-ScM Candidate in

“I dream a dream that dreams back at me”. -Toni Morrison

Devin Morris is currently an MD-ScM student at Warren Alpert Medical School. She is originally from Helena- West Helena , AR where she graduated from Central High School. Prior to medical school, Devin attended Vanderbilt University where she graduated with Honors in her major Medicine, Health, and Society, and minors Corporate Strategy and Engineering Management.

While at Vanderbilt Devin studied how southern politics has influenced opioid abuse and HIV/AIDS prevalence as two separate epidemics. This research resulted in her senior honors thesis, “Poverty and Politics: An Analysis of the Opioid Abuse and HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Deep South.”She has continued her dedication of academic and community service to minority populations and service to vulnerable populations while in medical school.

Devin is currently an active researcher while in medical school, studying medical school enrollment factors that may be associated with longitudinal trends in the composition of the population of medical school enrollees. Most recently Devin first authored a qualitative study titled “ Diversity of the Medical Student Body: Forty Years of Persistent Inequities”, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in April 2021 .

Devin is passionate about health care reform and healthcare education. As reflected in her research , as well as her course enrollment and volunteerism and mentorship for students while in medical school. She was recently interviewed by Psychiatry News, Bloomberg, and the Boston Globe to discuss her study and her continuous research on increasing the enrollment of Black students , particularly black men in medical school.

IG: @devbrianna

Diversity of the Medical Student Body: Forty Years of Persistent Inequities

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