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Arekia Bennett

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Executive Director of Mississippi Votes

"...the task, now, is to create movements that reflect not just the complexity of issues, but of people's lives." -anonymous

Arekia is the Executive Director of MS Votes, an organization committed to civic engagement of Mississippians across generations, cultures, identities, inequities and struggles, with particular focus on young people. Arekia has been working on addressing voter disenfranchisement, voter ID laws, rural vote turnout, increasing voter participation in all elections and she also advises political aspirants and candidates seeking office on civic engagement strategy. Arekia founded GIRL at JSU and has been critical in developing and nurturing a black feminist political space and policy agenda with GIRL.

IG: arekiasbennett

Twitter: ArekiaSBennett

Twitter: GirlJSU FB: Arekia S. Bennett website:

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